"Bringing open source virtualization solutions to everyone."

Solutions for your business

Hybrid Cloud

We build complete virtualization solutions for hybrid cloud infrastructure, from the bare metal up to the application level.

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We are investing massively into cybersecurity without compromising our accessibility. Our technology is complex, our tools are not.

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Edge computing

We explore new application for virtualization, in a world where more and more systems connect to the network.

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We deliver XCP-ng!

XCP-ng is the result of massive cooperation between individuals and companies to deliver a hypervisor without limits. Based on Citrix XenServer with no feature restrictions, XCP-ng is a turnkey open source virtualization solution with pro support options.

We develop Xen Orchestra

Turnkey experience

Deploy the XO web appliance in one click and start managing your XCP-ng (or XerServer) infrastructure right away.


Because XO is a Virtual Machine within your infrastructure, there is nothing to install on your hosts. XO is 100% agentless.

All-in-one tool

Administration, Management, Backup and Cloud Initiator - Xen Orchestra has all the tools you need to manage your infrastructure.

Complete backup solution

Full backup, incremental delta backup, continuous replication. Xen Orchestra comes with a panel of complete backup solutions to suit your needs.

Best Industry Leader

There are no other tools like ours. We are the leading web interface orchestrator for XCP-ng and XenServer.

Flat pricing

Our pricing is fair and transparent. One appliance means one infrastructure managed, whatever the number of hosts or VMs inside.








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Our advisory board

We closely works with a unique team of experts who help and advise its management team on a broad range of issues.

“Xen Orchestra is a powerful tool for managing a XenServer environment at any scale. Intuitive, powerful and completely web-based, I find it invaluable for running my 'hands-on lab' environment.”

Mark Templeton

CEO Citrix (retired)

“ Xen Orchestra is one of my favorite project I found this year! Amazing tool for devops. ”

Loïc Tosser

ASWAT Telecom

“ Their Paid Support is fantastic and I couldn't recommend a better company.”


Youtube Comment

“ Our ENTIRE Datacenter is running XCP-ng and I'm happy to say it was rocky at first but has grown to an exceptional hypervisor OS in a very short period of time ”

Jon Michael Stuart

Laptop pitstop

“Xen Orchestra provides an out-of-the-box solution for administering Citrix Hypervisor (formerly XenServer) and XCP-ng pools. The company operates with a passion for open-source technologies and top-notch customer service.”

Christine Preusler