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The Vates partner program is designed to offer you the opportunity to develop your offer value at a whole new level. Bringing to your customers an All-in-One tool for XCP-ng or Citrix Hypervisor administration, backup, security and Cloud. Provide a full stack solution to your clients is now possible. Take advantage of opportunities and develop your business quicker and with more profit while keeping the cost under controle.

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Our flat rate pricing strategy is easy to understand. No hidden agenda, no hidden fees. Becoming XO reseller is easy to manage and to keep in control.

Easy to manage

We are managing the customers support. It means you can focus on your own services without worrying about Xen Orchestra knowledge.

Build a full stack

Xen Orchestra is the key to building a virtual infrastructure based on XCP-ng for your customers. Administration, users management, backup and cloud initiator, XOA is an all-in-one tool you need to create the complete virtualization stack of your customers.

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