Virtualization in secured environment

Secure stack


With cumulated investments of over several tens of millions of dollars, the Xen hypervisor technology is one of the safest virtualization stack in the market. 

Vates is increasingly working with leading cybersecurity companies throughout the world to deliver an outstanding solution for their needs, combining a secure hypervisor, disaster recovery tools, backup and advanced management capabilities throught Xen Orchestra.

SHIELD project


XCP-ng SHIELD project brings cybersecurity one steps further:



Similar needs as well as a focus on dedicated "Edge of Battlefield Hardware" where the whole Xen Orchestra, XCP-ng and XOSAN serve as mission critical uses have quickly emerged these past few years in the Defense industry. By joining the AFCEA and working closely with players in the Defense industry Vates is increasinly capable of delivering rock-solid solutions for the most demanding military needs.



Y. KAZAR, Founder & CEO

Vates and Yogosha have been working on a number of initiatives in the field of cybersecurity technologies and secure virtualisation . We're looking forward to expand our collaboration in the future.
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