Hybrid Cloud

On premise and in datacenter infrastructure

Hybrid infrastructure


Vates delivers secure and turnkey virtualization solution for hybrid Cloud infrastructure. From the bare metal up to the application level, we provide the best open source solutions for datacenters and on-premise infrastructure alike. 

Hybrid clouds


Xen Orchestra enables hosting providers and customers alike to run their infrastructure in a seamless way, both inside and outside datacenters.
XCP-ng, our new generation hypervisor delivers both an effective transition and upgrade from Citrix XenServer and the security and high performance capability required for production intensive use cases.


Bremen, DE

we are sure that in the near future, we will add XCP-ng/XOA within our production environment. One of the reasons is the obvious vital state of the XCP-ng development and the less limitations of XCP-ng compared to the open source version of the Citrix Hypervisor which commercial plans make just no sense for cloud hosting providers.
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