Web development

Our experience building a project like Xen Orchestra gave us the skills needed to create dynamic and neat web applications. From dashboards to product showcase, we are able to give your business a modern way to communicate, display or interact everywhere.

NodeJS, AngularJS, Jade, Backbone


Our flagship product, Xen Orchestra, illustrate our know-how on virtualized system. If you want infrastructure assessment, outsourcing or experience in this field, we got your back.

Xen, XenServer, XenOrchestra


If you need more storage, reliable and performant, ask us. We know advanced technologies which are inexpensive yet powerful. This time, your storage will follow your needs.

ZFS, Ceph


Data are now central value of companies. Our knowledge will help you to plan, do and recover your backup whenever you want.

ZFS Snapshots, Linux appliances, DRP...


Mastering technologies is one thing. Teaching is another. At Vates, we've got trainer working with multiple clients to teach about technologies (GIT, NodeJS, Angular etc.) but also agile methods. Get a fresh start in your project by learning how to do it well and fast. Consult our training courses here.

Git, NodeJS & Angular, d3js, SaltStack and more…

Research and development

We are officially a "young innovative company": R&D is in Vates DNA. Our capacity to innovate can leverage your ideas from the start to delivery.

Let's innovate together!