Our training courses

Software developement courses


From introduction to advanced features, you'll know all about this fantastic tool. Accelerate your process and allow scalability in your team.

Successful workflows, best practices, GitHub or GitLab integration


Once you started to build your apps with Node, you can't go back. Faster, stronger and better: that's not just a trend, it's the new technology removing obstacles to your success.

Javascript, Node from the start, npm, advanced features and more!

MEAN Stack

Integrate a powerful client-side framework and a rock-solid database to your NodeJS application. This training course will give you a global preview of a complete stack for your web applications.

AngularJS, MongoDB, Gulp


Highlight your data with powerful visualizations and graphics.

Data driven documents, concepts and usages

Sysadmin courses


Salt is a new approach to infrastructure management. Easy enough to get running in minutes, scalable enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, and fast enough to communicate with them in seconds.

Concepts, deployements, live examples

ELK Stack

Elastic Search brings you to the the Big Data level. Combine it with Logstash and Kibana, and you've got a futuristic dashboard with all metrics you need from your apps to your servers.

Full stack installation, configuration and usage

XenServer and Xen Orchestra

The powerful tandem is here to unleash the power AND the usabilty of virtualization. Install then manage your Xen infrastructure from your Tablet or your PC, everywhere.

Key concepts, best practices, installation, usage

And more to come!

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